District Governor Nominating Committee

Nominations for District Governor Nominating Committee and District Governor 2020/21

Completed and signed nomination or application forms are to be submitted to PDG Carol Lawton by email or by post to 6 Lewis Road, Montrose 3765 by the due dates set out below.

 The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee comprises ten Rotarians, five of whom are representatives from Clubs and must be either a past or current Club President.  The other Committee members are the District Governor (Chair), District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee, Immediate Past District Governor (Secretary), and one other Past District Governor.

Full details of the Nominating Committee are set out in By Law 7 of the District 9810 Inc. By-laws.
Please note amendment document to these District By-laws: click here
Copies are also available on this website under ‘Administrative Policies and Procedures’ or from the District Secretary.

Nominations for the Nominating Committee are to be submitted on the application form attached to the letter to clubs dated 8 January 2018: click here for letter and click here for nomination form.

A copy of the District Election Guidelines, that apply for selection of the Nominating Committee, is available on the following download link: click here

Nominations for the committee must be submitted on the form attached to the letter and include a short (200 word maximum) summary of the Nominee’s Rotary experience. This will be included in any ballot correspondence if more than four Rotarians are nominated.

Members of the Committee are to be available to convene for the District Governor 2020/21 interviews on Sunday 15 April 2018 at the Monash Enterprise Centre, 5A Hartnett Close, Mulgrave 3170.

Completed nomination forms for the DG Nominating Committee must reach PDG Carol Lawton by 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018.


District Governor 2020/21

Interested and committed Rotarians are encouraged to consider the position of District Governor as a rewarding and vital step in their future Rotary service.  Prospective nominees should also take the opportunity to speak with members of the College of Governors as to the requirements and great benefits of the role.   These actions are recommended in order to gain a balanced and realistic appreciation of the role and the interview process and requirements.

As a minimum, all applicants must:
  • Be in good standing in their club (i.e. financial)
  • Have served as President of a club for a full term or as specified in the Manual of Procedure (MoP), and
  • At the time of taking office (1 July 2020), must have completed seven years of membership with one or more Rotary clubs.

Candidates are advised to refer to the detailed requirements on the responsibilities and roles of the District Governor, District Governor Elect and District Governor Nominee in Chapter Two of the Manual of Procedure.

Application for District Governor is to be made on the RI District Governor Nominee Data Form.
A copy of this form can be downloaded on the following link: click here

Completed and signed applications must be lodged with PDG Carol Lawton by 5pm on Friday 16 February 2018.

Interviews will be held on Sunday 15 April 2018 at the Monash Enterprise Centre, 5a Hartnett Close, Mulgrave 3170. Applicants and their partners, if applicable, are required to be available on that date.


PDG Carol Lawton

District 9810 Nominating Committee for District Governor 2020/21