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D9810 International Service

2017-18 Calendar Dates for Club  Directors

Friday 17 November 2017 – International Service Seminar

Venue: Mulgrave Country Club
Cnr Wellington Rd & Jells Road, Wheelers Hill
Club Room (overlooking bowling green)
6.30pm for 7pm Program Commencement – [duration approx. 2 hours]

Topics: A new level of District support for international service projects – with the formation of the District Resource Network; Areas of Focus mentors; Clubs seeking project funding partners; Rotary Australia World Community Service update; Interplast, ROMAC; Wheelchairs for Kids as well as updates from the Water and Sanitation and Rotarians Against Child Slavery Action Groups.

As we near the end of Polio as a major focus of Rotary for more than 30 years, Rotary’s future depends on the impact we make through our international service projects. If Rotary is to stand tall in the world along with the other major humanitarian organisations such as World Vision, PLAN International, OXFAM and more, we need to deliver higher quality, sustainable, higher impact projects across the 6 focus areas. Come to the international seminar to hear how your club can find new opportunities to magnify your international service impact, noting that higher impact projects will attract more funding partners; more funding will  mean more projects, more projects need more members to work on them. With clubs working together, even the smallest club can participate in an international service project. Find out how at the Seminar!

Seminar Audience: Specifically Club International Service and Foundation Directors and the 2-ICs plus any Rotarian interested in learning more about International Service (and also guests of Rotarians).  International Service is a key focus of our organisation and provides significant benefit to many needy communities.

Further details: Contact David Alexander D9810 International Service Chair

Wednesday 25 April 2018 – World Malaria Awareness Day

Friday 11 May 2018 – Foundation Grants Seminar (Mandatory to apply for Foundation District / Global Grants)

Sunday 20 May 2018 – District Training Assembly – International Service Break Out Session

Humanitarian Crises

Drought relief aid required in East Africa:

Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan.  Contact Liz Guiver, RC Warrandyte – Donvale


What is International Service?

International Service encompasses efforts to expand Rotary’s humanitarian reach around the world and to promote world understanding and peace.

2017-18 Chair: David Alexander – email

International projects currently undertaken in District 9810 can be catergorised as:

  • Humanitarian projects coordinated through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)
  • Medical Aid
  • Goodwill programs
  • Emergency Aid

Further information on specific programs and contact persons can sourced through web pages linked to this page. In addition, the Rotary Foundation pages also provide further information on various Rotary International humanitarian and education programs.

Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers

D9810 Cadre members are Brian Foley and David Alexander (Water and Sanitation Focus Area) and Tony Monley (Financial Audit). They are available to provide technical expertise and advice to Rotarians in planning and carrying out Rotary grant projects. Cadre members are accredited by TRF to review, monitor, and evaluate projects and ensure grant funds are being used properly, in collaboration with the District Foundation Grants Coordinator.  (Further information)

D9810 International Service Committee 2017-18

The D9810 International Service – Resource Network comprises a large team of Rotarians available to assist Clubs to maximise their investments in international service projects.


Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Co-chairs Gloria Hargreaves / Peter Malden [Southern Region D9810 Representative]

Donations in Kind                                                                    Des Shiel | Peter Malden | Russell Hayes
Rotarians against Malaria                                                      Peter McPhee
Rotary Project Volunteers                                                      Jeff Gouldson


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene                                            Bill Chapman


Medical Aid
Interplast Australia & New Zealand                                      Liz Guiver  [Annual Report[
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children                             Graeme Chester


Goodwill & Fellowship Programs
Rotary Friendship Exchange                                                    Aidan Wright
Rotary Fellowships                                                                    David Tomlinson


Programs supported by multiple clubs and Rotarians in D9810
Operation Cleft                                                                       Bruce McEwen
Wheelchairs for Kids                                                               Russell Hayes
AquaBox                                                                                  Geoff Gartley
Disaster Aid Australia                                                             Jan Burney 1300 881 913
Rotarians against Child Slavery                                             Tony Stokes / Robyn Stokes
Art Building Children’s Dreams                                             Trevor Dawson
East Timor Roofing Company                                                Frank Evans
Country & Liaison Coordinators*

*Country & Liaison Coordinators
The following Rotarians have project experience or Rotary connections in the countries listed and may be a starting point for information for clubs considering projects and/or seeking advice on conditions.

Argentina Andrew Brownlie Mongolia/N. Asia
Peter Koens
Brazil Stuart McDonald Philippines David Chandler
Brian McDaid Papua N.G Ian Phelan
Peter Malden Solomon Islands Michael Willis
Bob Richards Southern Africa Rob McKenzie
Graeme Woolacott Sri Lanka Peter Koens
Malaysia Jeffrey Tan Timor Leste Frank Evans
Myanmar King Gan  Turkey  Tony Monley


3 Year Strategic Directions – International Service Committee

Beginning in 2016/17 and continuing through 2018/19, the D9810 International Service Committee will further develop capacity to assist clubs conduct projects by:

1)    expanding the D9810 Resource Network of qualified Rotarians, program participants, and alumni to serve as Focus Area advisers and consultants to Clubs and Districts to better plan service projects and design global grants;
2)    promoting greater awareness of Rotary International published resources and strategies for improved project planning and implementation;
3)    assisting clubs to develop partnerships with international Rotary clubs and districts;
4)    cooperating with other District 9810 committees (including the Rotary Foundation / grants sub-committee) to identify and promote resources for improved projects and grants;
5)    engaging those interested in assisting with global grant applications including district Rotaract Representatives, Rotarian Action Groups (particularly WASRAG) and the TRF Cadre of Technical Advisers, etc.

The District 9810 Resource Network will recruit Rotarians who hold expertise in Rotary’s areas of focus, Rotary grants, and elements of project planning and implementation (project life cycle), and promote resources and strategies for enhancing projects. These experts will  serve as advisers and consultants to assist clubs to enhance their service projects and global grants.  Refer Project Enhancement Frequently Asked Questions

18 November 2016 International Service Seminar Notes: 

Focus:  Develop skills to deliver high impact and sustainable projects.
1) Seminar PowerPoint (View slides)
a) Finding a Project,
b) Planning a Project
c) Managing Your Project and
d) Publicizing your Project.
2) Areas of Focus (View)
3) Six Steps to Sustainability (View)
4) Cooperating Organization Memorandum of Understanding (View)
5) Toilet Construction Case Study (View)
6) Rotary Communications & Publications (View)
7) How 2015-16 DDF was Used (View)

Some of the Resources Available from Rotary International

Use Online tools for planning, implementing, evaluating, and promoting service initiatives – track your project’s progress, start a discussion, crowd source for resources, apply for funds, and showcase your work:

  • Rotary Club Central
  • Project Life cycle Resources group
  • Rotary Ideas
  • Grant application tool
  • Rotary Showcase


Use Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus Guide for examples of service projects and information about how you can address the widespread critical humanitarian needs within these six areas.

Use Community Assessment Tools to assess your community’s needs and make a meaningful service impact.
Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects
Community Assessment Tool

Use A Guide to Global Grants to learn how to develop more effective and sustainable service projects and how to apply for global grants

Take a Course on Rotary Grants in the Learning Centre.


Learn 10 Ways to Improve Your Global Grant Application.

Join a Rotarian Action Group for impactful projects.

Visit Rotary Ideas to find project partners and Rotary Showcase to gain ideas and publicize club community service projects.

Rotary Action Groups

Do you have expertise in a particular subject or field and a desire to share? Browse this list of subjects to find the one for you, to connect with like-minded Rotarians.
Addiction Prevention
AIDS and Family Health
Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Blindness Prevention
Blood Donation
Child Slavery
Disaster Assistance
Endangered Species
Environmental Sustainability
Food Plant Solutions
Health Education and Wellness
Hunger and Malnutrition
Mental Health
Microfinance and Community Development
Multiple Sclerosis
Polio Survival
Population and Development
Preconception Care
Water and Sanitation