Shine On Awards

District 9810 Shine On Chairman: Barry Halpern

This Australia-wide program provides Rotary recognition of outstanding service by persons with disabilities (Australia-wide) who disregard their disabilities to reach their goals to serve others.  All nominees receive recognition with a Certificate of Commendation.

The program is run on a state-wide basis with the five Victorian Rotary Districts combining to run the Southern Region Shine On program.  Details are as follows:

  • Nominations for the Rotary Southern Districts’ ‘Shine On’ Awards must be endorsed by a Rotary Club.
  • Nominations may be made by clubs, associations or individuals aged 21 years and over.


The Shine On award presentation will be hosted in 2017 by the Rotary Club of Mount Martha.

It will be held on 30 April 2017 at the Balcombe Grammar School, Mt Martha

Invitations for all people connected with the successful nominations will be posted nearer to the event time.
There will be no charge for admission.

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